What is Nightshade Studios?

Nightshade Studios in it's essence is the name that I've chosen to develop under for now. One of most important things I've learned from the people I look up to is how important planning for the future is. I may have taken it a little literally, but if things with Dead Upon Us do go well, my plans are to find more people to develop with and to produce more games together. For now it's just one man, a dream and a plan.


​​Who Am I?

"My name is Joseph Lazar the 3rd, and I am an independent game designer. Making games in different forms has always been apart of my life. Since middle school I've been making mods, private servers, making small games in rpg maker, anything that satisfied my fix for development. When I finally graduated high school and started my college career in computer science, an emptiness grew within me. I was at off one day and I was sitting home pondering life, wondering what I was missing in life. I was literally working on a mod in Skyrim where I was recreating Hyrule from Twilight Princess, all while pondering my life and it finally clicked in my head that I should have pursuing game design. I love programming and it still remains my strongest area in development, but I finally knew that I was a game designer and switched my majors.

Ever since that moment I've spent majority of my free time developing, and honing my skills. Dead Upon Us a project I started in my free time, when I wasn't working full time to support myself or spending time with my friends and family. My goal has been to create an amazing new gaming experience that combines my two favorite game types; Real-time strategy and First person shooters. Thank you for your time, and support. I hope you enjoy Dead Upon Us."