First Person (FP) Mode       Strategy Mode

​​First Person (FP) Mode

  • ​Explore the Apocalyptic World

  • Gain experience & Level Up
  • Play with Friends
  • Most importantly, Survive..

Strategy Mode

  • Navigate & Command your people

  • Create Laws, Alliances & Trade Routes
  • Forge a Community capable of Thriving in the Apocalypse..



At anytime when you start playing, you will be able to switch to the 'Strategy' mode at the press of a button. In this mode, you are able to build structures, defenses, command your survivors to do various jobs, and much more. Using your people wisely, Dead Upon Us gives you the ability to construct a city, govern it, and protect it from the dangers of this new world.

  • Construct Buildings and Defenses
  • Plan Scavenging Routes

    When first creating a new game in Dead Upon Us, you will start by creating your own character. When the game begins, you will start in a random position with a few other survivors that are apart of your 'Group'. Beginning at level 1 you will be able to gain experience through combat and quests. With a vast skill tree and leveling system, you will be able to customize your character to your own play style. Looting, fighting and surviving is your main goal in this game mode.

    • Scavenge for Gear and Resources
    • Recruit New Survivors
    • ​Compete Online
    "Dead Upon Us" is a new kind Zombie game that combines both a First person shooter and Real-time strategy
    into a single game.
     The story places you 15 years into the apocalypse and your goal is Lead a group of Survivors, find Resources, construct a Safe haven, and one day Thrive in the new Undead world.
    Or Die Trying.